Kiera's Joyful Birth

Imagine a calm and joyful beginning to your baby’s life.  Kiera was born with no drugs, no gas, and no tearing.

Keira, daughter of Karen and Bear, was born at 8.22pm on the 24th August 2011.  We achieved an amazing Calmbirth with no drugs, no gas and no tearing. We are so so pleased and truly had an amazing and empowering experience. She is a stunner (of course I'm biased!!) and we are completely and utterly in love.

The Calmbirth course was absolutely amazing for myself and my partner. It helped us to bond better and to have a common plan and technique for how we wanted to approach the birth of our baby. It allowed us to have "trained" together and to understand the process of the birth so much more clearly and also to ensure we could support each other throughout. We were able to achieve an amazing and empowering drug free birth which was truly magnificent. I felt so elated and empowered after the birth and was in great spirits and health. I bonded with our little girl so well and really felt that the calmness of the whole process made this possible for us. I would highly recommend Calmbirthing to everybody. The ability to let go and allow your body to do what it needs to do was just amazing.

Thanks once again. Our birth experience was fantastic!!