Private course

Calmbirth® encourages women and their birth partners to surrender to the process of their pregnancy, labour and birth no matter how it unfolds. You can meet any challenge encountered calmly and without fear.

We also provide the option to have private classes for women and their birthing partners. We cover the same material that is in the group classes, but customise it to suit you and your needs. All private classes are tailored to meet your specific needs and will provide all information you would receive if you were attending a hospital based program. 

Private calmbirth® sessions are either during the weekdays or evenings.

Private classes may be more suited to you if:

  • The dates of the weekend or evenings don’t suit

  • You do not like learning in group situations

  • You have special needs. This might include a high profile public lifestyle, past traumatic birth experience, special family circumstances, lack of support or specific medical issues.

  • You prefer one-on-one learning environments

Private calmbirth® classes are either during the weekdays or evenings.  Recommended to do 2 x 3 hour sessions ($132/ hour) , includes the Calmbirth materials. Times for the private sessions are by negotiation.  Private Sessions are available to high profile public figures or couples with special needs. Privacy and confidentiality is assured.