Weekend classes

Weekend classes run Saturday 9.30am - 5.30pm and Sunday 9.30am - 4.30pm

Weekend courses will recommence in Mar, 2019

Calmbirth® is an empowering prenatal, labour and childbirth programme that assists women and their birth partners to reduce the fear and...

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Private classes

Private calmbirth® sessions are either during the weekdays, or evenings

Calmbirth® encourages women and their birth partners to surrender to the process of their pregnancy, labour and...

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Suzanne Swan

Suzanne Swan has over 18 years experience as a Childbirth Educator (BAPsych, Post Grad Psychology) running childbirth education classes in Brisbane. She is also Founder and Senior Yoga teacher at Yogababy.

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I know this wasn’t guaranteed in Calmbirth but I remember you mentioning that some women don’t experience any pain. And that’s exactly what happened to me - yet another reason why I didn’t think I was in labour! I would describe it as ‘intense’ and ‘hard work’ and the surges were intense pressure and I felt like I was going to pop near the end, but I was never in any pain. Even when I was pushing him out, it wasn’t painful. I could feel my body stretching and that’s exactly how I would describe it, but it wasn’t painful at all. Isn’t that amazing!