Laura's Birth Centre birth

Tyler and I attended your CalmBirth course in July, we were only 23 weeks pregnant at that stage. Almost three weeks ago now, I gave birth to our darling daughter Isobel at the RBWH birth centre. The birth ended up exactly what we had planned, a spontaneous natural delivery with no intervention.

Laura Boersma baby.jpg

Your course gave us the tools to prepare, such as the breathing techniques, acupressure and active birth positions. Tyler was able to draw upon what he learnt from the CalmBirth weekend to be an incredible birth partner and help support me through my contractions.

As well as your course, I did a lot of my own yoga practice and meditations/visualisations in the months leading up to the due date. The midwife informed me that I was only in active labour for 4 hours, I managed to labour mostly home which was our plan from the beginning and we arrived at the hospital at 6.30am and little did I know, I was fully dilated upon arrival.

Isobel was born 2 hours later at 8.35am. Although the pain was an intensity I had never imagined, I believed I had all the tools to get me through it, what we learnt in your course helped with this and I felt empowered and confident to experience the birth I desired.