Baby Rosie, a gift for Emma


I just want to say a BIG thank you for your help with preparing me for the birth. My husband and I attended your Calmbirth Weekend in January. The skills I learnt in this course were invaluable and truly prepared me for my birth and kept me feeling well during my pregnancy. 

I was so lucky to have a natural birth with no drugs or interventions. I was able to stay at home and manage my contractions calmly from 6pm on Saturday night until we arrived at the hospital at 7am on Sunday morning. Rosie was born two hours later.

I could not have asked for a better labour. My midwife was so surprised at how calm I was. It was definitely hard work as you said, but I had the skills to get me through.

I also found listening to birth stories weekly very helpful.

Breathing and vocalisation were the main skills that I used. My husband was also a huge help as he knew exactly what to do to support me using what he learnt from your course. 

Thank you once again! I would recommend your classes to anyone who is pregnant!